Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Not The Proper Cornish Pasties

Rovers fans are not happy because the pasties have been terrible for the home games against West Brom, and Crystal Palace.

The poor quality was declared "a one-off"...on both occasions...

News of the poor quality of pasties has even reached Radio Bristol. Geoff Twentyman has put Nigel Dando on the case.

One concerned Gashead contacted the Proper Cornish Pasty Company and received this reply:

Dear Bill

Thank you for contacting us.

We are aware of the situation and upon investigation find that the products being sold are not our products.

Kind Regards
Lizzie EllacottCommercial Administrator

There has been no announcement, or comment from Bristol Rovers to say the pasties are no longer supplied by The Proper Cornish Pasty Company, yet the kiosks still advertise the name, so who is really suppling theses terrible pasties?

UPDATE: Fans Director David Brian has commented:

This is the first I have heard of this issue so to answer your question, up to now I have have done nothing.The 'pasty huts' are a concession. We are paid an agreed amount reguardless of sales so I am sure that the proprietor will soon get the message if sales drop. That said, I appreciate that many fans enjoy the normal top quality pasties and I will pass on your disatisfaction. David

UPDATE: More From the Cornish Pasty Company:

I'm very sorry you have found it necessary to mail us about your dissatisfaction, we too are not amused by the situation.

For reasons I cannot disclose at the present time we have been unwilling to supply our products to the outlets at the Memorial Ground for the last two events and I can tell you that the products put on sale during this period are therefore not Proper Cornish products.

I can also tell you that despite the outlets at the stadium being branded 'Proper Cornish' they are in fact operated by an independent agent.

We are currently working hard to try to restore the supply of Proper Cornish products to the units in time for the next match but cannot guarantee that this will occur.

We are a company which is extremely proud of the products we produce here in Cornwall and indeed are true pioneers in taking the genuine hand made traditional Cornish pasty to the national market. We are extremely upset therefore that the good reputation we have built over the years has been brought into disrepute in this instance.

We are glad however that you enjoy our pasties and will do everything we can to restore supply and your faith in us. I will do my best to keep you informed as events progress.

Yours sincerely

Phil Ugalde

Managing Director
Proper Cornish Pasty Company

The Proper Cornish Pasties are back at The Mem.


Richard said...

I believe in law this is called 'passing off' - see link here